Successful cannabis oil administration depends on following guidelines proven to be effective long term



Care and usage

The following information will assist you in caring and administering high CBD, or medical cannabis oil.

  • Ensure your oil comes from a trusted source such as CW Hemp
  • Lab test results should be made available when requested. Third party lab testing is suggested.
  • The oil is derived from the industrial hemp plant hybrid grown organically outdoors. The hemp plant cleans the soil of contaminates and testing of the plant is critical to ensure it is free of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Like all medications, specific doses and formulas of these oils are needed to meet your child’s individual requirements and in most children very high CBD and low THC is required. THC in the oil can cause increased seizures in children with epilepsy although a small number benefit from THC.
  • Refrigerate the oil. It is light-sensitive
  • Follow the dosing guidelines set out by the Realm of Caring based on a 50% diluted product such as with Charlotte's Web
  • Divide oil into two or three doses per day
  • Titrate up slowly (every other week) to the dose that specifically works for your child
  • Use 1ml syringes to ensure accurate dosing and record each increase and any observations
  • Be patient! It may take up to two weeks to notice positive results; every child is unique and the results may vary. Manage your expectations.
  • It is recommended when starting the oil that you continue for a period of at least three to six months before determining it is not working for your child. CBD is cumulative and the positive effects show over time, specifically with cognitive improvements.
  • Cannabis medication may interact with or increase levels of the pharmaceutical drugs your child is on. Call the Realm of Caring call centre for advice. Consult with your doctor! Drug interactions are the fault of the drug and not the oil.
  • Wean child off specific drugs only under physicians supervision.
  • You will need to make ongoing adjustments with the oil as your child grows, medications are reduced or seizures increase... do not continue in the same place when your child does not show positive results. Consult with Realm of Caring for advice.