Coming Soon! Purple Hemp Co!

Elaine Purple Hemp Co

Our family is launching a new business venture in Summerland which if all goes as planned will be opened on July 1. Construction on the interior of the building, which is the other half of optometrist Dr. Good's office on Victoria Road, is now well underway.

Our focus will be hemp products of all nature, skin products, dietary supplements, clothing and accessories, staying local whenever possible. We will be carrying a line of organic teas from Westholm Tea Farm (a BC family owned business) and  BC grown organic medicinal teas by Gayles Teas.  For our fitness buffs, and those just wanting a pick-me-up, Pure Gym and Juicery will provide fresh juices as well as salads and some health focused baked items. 

Customers will be able to shop, while enjoying a smoothie from our Green Smoothie Bar.  We are excited to have Massage Therapist, Ann as well as Reflexologist, Michelle onsite to round off our 'Deep Wellness' focus. All are invited to a nice relaxing and healing Far Infrared Sauna while sipping a cup of herbal tea.

Purple Hemp Co will be an environment where one can learn about cannabis for health and feel comfortable talking about cannabis as a health regime.

Elaine will offer consultations, education and direction to those taking responsibility for their own health and looking to cannabis for help with medical issues. No restricted cannabis products will be on premises, however Elaine will ensure customers get what they need through her trusted legal resources, LP’s and dispensaries.

See you there... soon!

Elaine, Chris, Courtney and Jared