Health Canada issuing exemptions for importing Charlotte's Web Oil

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Here is the big news we've been waiting for from Health Canada! A very special thanks to Barry Pogson.

Anyone interested in pursuing an exemption to import Charlotte's Web these are the steps to follow to apply:

1) Ask your doctor to write a letter to Health Canada stating:

a) That they are aware that your son or daughter is taking Charlotte's Web (the doctor must mention Charlotte's Web by name)

b) They will continue to follow your son or daughter as a patient in their care

c) It should also include the name, address, and license number of the practitioner (should be on the medical document), and the personal information of the applicant (full name & mailing address) as well as the full name of the minor receiving the oil

2) Send the letter to

The only other advice I would give is to be patient, they will need to assess everyone on a case by case basis. This is such a good start and we are grateful that things are moving in the right direction.