Kyla's Way (Dove-song)

By Summerland artist Bill Hibberd

I have just finished a very special portrait commission. This one has been a real privilege to be involved with. My main subject is a wee girl who has been facing massive physiological challenges all of her young life. Having to deal with over 300 seizures a day is unimaginable to me. Recently she has been responding very positively to cannibidiol medicine.

My intention with this painting is to of course focus on the beauty of this young life but also weave in the family's support for her and also some imagery to symbolize hope and optimism in the midst of adversity. I call the painting "Kyla's Way (Dove-song)."

I tried to capture a moment in time, a day at the beach with grandfather Chris. This painting is about the connection between Kyla and Chris and a particular awareness that happens very infrequently in her young life as her body and mind deal with such relentless seizures. Thanks to her family's tenacity and researchers efforts in the field of cannabis oil treatment those moments of awareness are happening more often.

When composing this painting I included Lotus blossoms in the foreground partly for their feminine beauty and also as symbols of overcoming adversity. I included two doves flying way back on the right in front of the mountains. We often learn retrospectively that people who are challenged with particular physical obstacles can have other senses heightened. I like to think that Kyla hears the doves song, inaudible to us but performed especially for her. 

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