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We have started a petition to drop CBD (cannabidiol) as a 'Schedule 2' drug in Canada in order to allow free access to children's medicine.

We are doing this because Kyla, our 4 year old granddaughter, has a severe form of retractable epilepsy and has been using a tested and proven high CBD low THC (less than .3%) form of hemp oil called Charlotte's Web from Colorado.  

After experiencing more than 200 seizures per day we are able to keep her seizures to a minimum, 1 or so a week, with this oil. We live on the verge of seizures every day. Many children in Canada now using this special hybrid of plant and scientifically tested oil product have shown greater success with seizure control and cognitive response compared to high CBD oil products from Canada. CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) is now seizing every order from Colorado as CBD (a non psychoactive component of hemp oil) is a Schedule 2 drug like marijuana and all these children are at risk of decline or death with a change in oil. Please see our story on this website.

Petition is being sent to:

Minister of Health - Jane Philpott

Minister of Public Safety - Ralph Goodale

Prime Minister of Canada - Justin Trudeau