About Kyla's Quest


Our story

Kyla's Quest came about as a result of a young girl who suffered from intractable seizures, a form of epilepsy. See Kyla's Story.

Kyla’s Quest was founded to support families with children like Kyla, providing information, referrals, education, and to offer financial assistance when needed, based on donations from fundraising.

We believe quality of life matters. We continue to learn through Kyla and the many children like her looking for relief from their suffering.

Mission Statement

Offering families educational resources, information, emotional support and financial assistance based on fundraising donations while advocating for research into medical cannabis for sick children.



medical cannabis

We have researched and compiled the information that you will find throughout our website, to help you make an informed decision about whether medical cannabis can be a solution to health issues such as the intractable seizures like the ones from which Kyla Williams has suffered.